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Sal de Ibiza Chips 125g

SAL de IBIZA is a line of superb table salt products, all made of 100% sea-salt of the highest possible quality. SAL de IBIZA is harvested exclusively in the nature reserve "Parc natural de ses Salines d'Eivissa". It contains no additives or preservatives, nor does it undergo any form of refinement other than slow drying under the sun and gentle grinding in ancient stone mills, enabling SAL de IBIZA to retain its more than 80 vital minerals and trace-elements.
They simply add nothing nor take anything away because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires nothing but sun, sea, and an ocean breeze! Truly Cristal de la Vida!
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SAL de IBIZA all-natural, delectable potato chips. Thin slices of select Agria potatoes, an aromatic, golden-coloured variety, are gently simmered by hand in pure sunflower oil right until their perfect point of crunchiness, then refined with a pinch of SAL de IBIZA's exceptionally mild Fleur de Sel.

An ideal matching partner to an aperitif, the chips come in two package sizes, both in the attractive turquoise colour. The smaller, at 45 grams, is the perfect addition to any bar, while the 125 gram bag is the rather comfortable size to share with friends over drinks.

Enjoy, but be forewarned: These chips can be highly addictive!

Ingredients: Selected, thinly sliced "Agria" potatoes, the finest sunflower oil, Fleur de Sel and sea salt from Ibiza - plus lots of love! A unique chips-pleasure