Serving Tray 20x40x2 cm Marble Zoom

Serving Tray 20x40x2 cm Marble

You may call it a patisserie plate or a marble serving tile. We call it a board. A marble board.

There are numerous ways our marble boards can be utilized; as a serving plate, but also as a presentation board, tasting plate or simply a beautiful slab of marble to impress your friends with!

The marble boards are white and honed (matte finish). Every board is finished by hand at our Stoned Warehouse. Marble is a natural stone which offers an unmatched versatility of design. Each piece is unique. We have boards with many grey veins, but also boards that are mostly white. So whatever your taste may be, we undoubtedly have the right piece for you!
€ 39,95

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Product details

Artikelnummer: SMB0002
Origin: Unknown
Colour: White
Size: 20x40x2 cm
Material: Marble