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Glasilium wall hanger


To explore more with nature on your wall


Easy to use, brass ring to hang the Glasilium glass vase.

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The brass ring is available in 3 different sizes. Diameter of 65, 85, 120 mm and is suitable for the Scandinaviaform Glasilium vases.

The ring is made of brass and has a thread on one side that allows the ring to be screwed into the wall. Never simply turn the ring into the wall or wood without having drilled a hole.

Please, do not turn the ring (by the round part) if you want to turn the ring in the wall, turn it at the straight part where the thread is located. We recommend using a suitable plug to attach a ring to a brick or concrete wall.

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Ø 6,5 cm, Ø 8,5 cm, Ø 12 cm





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