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Midori brass collection Index Clips

6 Index clips made of brass
€ 15,95

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Product details

Artikelnummer: 43210006
Origin: China
Colour: Brass
Size: Index clip / H28 x W27mm, 6 clips
Material: Brass

This is a clip where you can insert a piece of paper that has a title or date written on it. This clip can be used as an index of a notebook and can be used as an organizer to sort your documents and business cards. It is worth mentioning that the frame itself functions as a clip, so if you place it on the cover, it turns into a label frame as well. Through its use, the surface starts to oxidize, and this deepens the color and adds taste to the material itself.

The MIDORI brand creates paper products, including letters, greetings cards, colored papers and stickers, and creative design stationery with sophisticated designs.
Since its establishment in 1950, the Midori brand has been popular with many customers and has produced many hit products and long sellers.
In addition to sophisticated designs, they manufacture goods that combine both beauty and functionality by paying special attention to beauty and materials used.